About Us

About Us 

Thank you for joining us & be sure to write us if you have any questions.  We love to chat! 

Our friends and family in Dripping Springs who knew we were creating this Happy Preppy Brand called Jadelynn Brooke™, the first question they ask – how did “Jade” get the first part of the brand name?

Well, it was pretty simple – we didn’t have a choice.  “JJ” pointed out that since she is the baby in the family, she has always been last to do everything. From riding “shotgun” in the family car, to waiting on the sidelines while everybody else rides the roller-coaster to being the last person to drive a car.  Bless her heart! So for the first time, our youngest sister will be the first in line.  And we’re all ok with that. 

We are small town Southern girls and Deerly Southern to the core.  Drippin’ has helped shape us into the girls we are today.  We love God, mind our manners, respect our elders and we love our Country! 

Little tidbits about us:  Lexi (Lynn) the oldest graduated from the University of Texas.  She is a Tri Delt and cheered on the Texas Pom Squad.  Brooke (always stuck in middle) also graduated from Texas with two psychology degrees, and was also a Tri Delt.  Burnt orange blood runs pretty thick in the family. 

Jade,  is a sophomore at Texas Tech University, majoring in Business and is keeping alive the sisters Tri-Delt tradition.

We are all very different, but we share one important thing, our Faith and Family are always first.  Sure, we argue and get really upset when one of us “borrows” things….but when push comes to shove, we have a sisterhood that no one can come in between.

So we hope that you love our little line.  We follow the mantra of our Big Daddy (grandpa) and will look for the HAPPY in everything we do.  Because as we have said a lot while developing Jadelynn Brooke – We love Happy Preppy People! 

Jade, Lexi "Lynn" & Brooke