*Plugs in aux cord* 

*Cranks “Birthday” by Katy Perry*

*Initiate dance party*

Today is the best day of all days ever! We are officially 2 years young! Time has seriously flown by. Kind of like when you aim to take a 10 minute power nap and wake up 730 days later.

2 years ago, our dream became a reality. We have gone from doodling fun patterns and quirky sayings at the kitchen table, to seeing our shirts on college campus’s & in magazines. Like what? Somebody pinch us already!

 So considering it is Happy’s birthday, he wanted to give all of YOU the presents this year!

Here’s the dealio:

This year we are giving a “2 Year Celebration Pack” with the purchase of TWO tanks and/or T – Shirts! Pretty sweet right?

The pack is essentially just a box full of happiness for y’all.

It includes 

  • Sunset LOGO tank                        
  • Birthday Koozie                                   
  • Floaty Keychain
  • And some seriously fun stickers!      

This promotion ends Sunday May 19th, 2016 at MIDNIGHT.


  • Kayla

    You ladies rock! Just received my first order and am so pleased from the packaging to the product! Thank you!

  • Lauren Bass

    Love yalls brand so much and so happy I found it and hope y’all are having an amazing day.

  • Annabelle Crowder

    Is there any place I can meet u in person? I love u guys and happy bday!!?

  • Catherine

    I love your clothes and stickers but do not know where to purchase the stickers. They are super cute and I would love some. If you could help me with this I would be greatful!
    Thank you,

  • Abby

    LOVE your stuff!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY??